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Sad, Sad News: Avery Atkins Found Dead

Former "future star" CB Avery Atkins was found dead in his car this morning, according to several sources.

Avery Atkins, a former Florida Gator football player, was found dead inside a car in a garage in Port Orange on Thursday morning, according to officials.

The cause of death is not yet known, but investigators said they are not investigating the death as a homicide.

Speculation was that it was some sort of drug overdose ... however, there hasn't been any confirmed information on that fact.

Atkins has had all sorts of legal problems, both during his time as a Gator and after he lost his scholarship and was dismissed from the football team prior to last season.  This, unfortunately, was the end for a kid with a potentially bright future that somehow strayed down the wrong path. And because of that, this is a truly sad story of a life lost that seemed to have so much promise.

As college football fans we continually throw barbs at each other regarding drug problems of rival athletes ... in this case, this was no laughing matter.  The outside influences that some of these kids face and fall under can be truly damaging; This outcome is a brutal reminder of that.

Really, really sad.  All you can say.  RIP young man.