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It's Just That Easy ...

I'm usually not the type to take unnecessary shots at rivals, but this is just too plain funny to pass up (H/T to Bob Redman of GatorCountry).

What really had me wondering if the infomercial was a spoof was the fact that the tickets were being promoted as on sale for just $215 for the entire season. Disbelievingly, I just had to check the official website for the Seminoles and much to my amusement, there it was right in front of my eyes. Season tickets for $215!

Although it's not confirmed, there is a very good chance that Jimbo Fisher never had to make infomercials to sell tickets in Baton Rouge.

I know this may come across as a bit arrogant, pompous, whatever -- and it probably is. Now matter how it looks, a school that has had the success that FSU has had over the last couple of decades should not have to lower prices/advertise/use marketing campaigns to sell season tickets. Come on guys, seriously. I thought this new coaching staff was the second coming? I thought the championships were going to start flowing in? Shouldn't that be incentive enough to head on out to Doak Campbell Stadium?

Go Gators!