The Alligator Army Diary

The beauty of the internet, and specifically blogs, is the sharing of information. With that in mind, we have created The Alligator Army Diary.

In some cases, hopefully not too many, our readers will get wind of a story or hear breaking news before we do. In that case, don't leave a comment on a story. Post a diary entry. Not only will it be listed on the right side of the main screen, but if it's important enough of a story, we'll put it in the main window.

A perfect example of this is Wilbur Marshall being inducted into UF's Ring of Honor. Marshall was done at UF before I was born. I vaguely remember him playing for the Redskins and then Jets at the end of his career. But, if you remember him playing on the Astroturf at Florida Field, then let us know in the diary.

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