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Allow Us To Properly Introduce Ourselves

After casually talking about creating a sports blog for years, me and fellow Florida alum, Hanson, finally put the pen to the paper in April 2007 when we created the obnoxiously unedited site The Sporting Orange.

After a few months, our exploitation of attractive southern females and consistent harassment of other sports bloggers (most notably Orson Swindle at EDSBS)paid off, and we got the gig here at the luxurious SBNation.

As for us, we're not quite professional writers and not quite the guys in underwear in their parents' basement. Currently, Hanson works as an online producer for a Virginia TV station and I work for a minor league baseball team in Florida. At UF, both of us worked in sports for AM850 WRUF, Gatorzone productions, and WUFT-TV. Hanson also worked as a sports director at WUFT-TV. I have experience from the Independent Florida Alligator and spent a short time following graduation at WCJB-TV in Gainesville. And you'll soon realize that Hanson is a native Floridian and I'm originally from New York. Just don't hold that against me.

So now that we've introduced ourselves, we'd like to know more about you guys. Do you also hate FSU with an undying passion? Are you a transplant that has embraced Southern women, Sweet Tea, and SEC football? Then let us know in the comments section.