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Chris Leak is a Great College Quarterback


That was the result of Chris Leak's first and only pass thus far as a professional quarterback, as the Bears edged the Colts 27-24 Monday night.

As expected, Leak's playing time--or lack thereof--indicates that he has no shot of making Da Bears.  Any dreams of unseating Kyle Orton as the third string QB are simply that, dreams.

Comparatively, Leak has thrown the ball on average 26 fewer times than his counterparts--30 fewer than Orton to be exact--in two games.  

Here's a look at the stats in two games...


Admittedly, the Bears still have two games remaining at San Francisco and Cleveland, so if you're wildly optimistic Leak could see his greatest opportunity August 30 against the Browns. But that's assuming he makes it past the August 28 cut date, when teams narrow their rosters down to 75 players.

Sadly, I fear Leak's time as an apprentice is almost up.