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I'll take 10-2 and the SEC East. Wait, who was the second loss to?

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I'm watching SportsCenter and they are in the midst of their Bowl Series where they breakdown each big game and fill in the blanks between those games. I haven't been following it too closely, but when it's the only thing on at 2:30am, you'll pay attention.

Anyway, Lou Holtz and Mark May got to the SEC title game with Florida playing LSU. Rece Davis then let us know UF was 10-2. Ok, so a loss to LSU and one out of Tennessee, Auburn, Georgia, right? No. Apparently, it's a loss at South Carolina.

I'm assuming this is the same South Carolina that Florida has lost to only once since the Gamecocks joined the SEC. The same South Carolina with an overrated QB who doesn't go to class and a suspect offensive line (bad D-lines always beat bad O-lines, it's science).

Yes, the Gamecocks have a great defense with 10 returners including all-American Jasper Brinkley. But, South Carolina? Seriously? I know this is a Gator blog, but I try not to be a homer. However, I have to be one now. Tebow can throw and speed kills which the Gators have plenty of. Will it be a slugfest like in the Swamp last year? Probably. We have moved past the days of 41-27 scores. And if South Carolina lives up to their lofty expectations (which it seems like people have because there is no clear favorite in the East), this could be a close game.

But Meyer plays mind games with his team and with himself. Everyone knows this team should have had two divisional titles, had they not lost at Columbia in 2005. He will have the team jacked and ready to go heading into the South Carolina game, especially if a trip to Atlanta is at stake.