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Catching Up with the Class of 2007

With the first of two NFL cut dates coming tomorrow,  someone in Florida's '07 class will be selling Hondas by next week.  Write it down.

Will it be Chris Leak?  Could be.  Capt. Charisma has only attempted one pass in the preseason.  Although I would bet his personality is better suited to mow lawns. Harsh words for a champion, I know, but if you ever tried to squeeze a sound bite from the guy you'd understand.

Fact is, Leak is just one of many players from Florida's championship team who could be selling you an Accord with a leather package in mere weeks.

Take a look the '07s thus far:

Dallas Baker: One catch--five yards
DeShawn Wynn: Zero rushing attempts
Jemalle Cornelius: One catch--six yards
Reggie Nelson: One tackle
Ray McDonald: Three tackles
Joe Cohen: Four tackles--.5 sacks
Billy Latsko: One catch-- -1 yards
Reggie Lewis: No stats
Ryan Smith: Three tackles
Earl Everett: Three tackles
Brandon Siler Nine tackles
Eric Wilbur: Cut from the Texans and Jaguars
Steve Rissler: No stats*

While it's understandable that this is just the preseason, and jaw-dropping statistics aren't the most important meter of ability, most of these guys weren't drafted in the top rounds, so the preseason in effect is their season.  

Even Brandon Siler, who by most accounts is having a decent preseason, is battling for an inside linebacker spot on a stacked San Diego Chargers roster. Siler has nine tackles thus far, but the Bolts will reportedly only sign five--maybe six--rookies, which puts Siler on the bubble.

So who goes and who stays?  Certainly the higher round guys have the advantage. But the ones who weren't so fortunate, like Leak, could see an end to their football careers very shortly.