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As if being 6'3 and 240 wasn't scary enough, now they are using science to make Tim Tebow the perfect weapon. From Andy Staples in the Tampa Tribune.

On Feb. 28, the University of Florida quarterback stood ready to throw in a long, rectangular room wearing only black Spandex and 22 round balls of reflective tape - each about half the size of a golf ball - placed at strategic points between his neck and his feet. When he finished his dropback, his feet would land on a pair of plates designed to measure force he exerted on the ground.
Eleven red lights glowed as Tebow drifted toward the plates. He brought the ball to his ear, pulled it back and fired.

The sensors and 11 cameras analyzed Tebow's movements to improve his already strong arm. What the video showed was that Tebow relied too much on arm velocity, leading to soreness in his shoulder. Now, he has incorporated leg strength and trunk movement in this throwing motion. So instead of throwing a ball 75 yards, now he'll throw it 95.