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Ten To Defend: The Defensive Line (Not Including Derrick Harvey)

We're cheating here in picking several guys in our Ten To Defend series. But because of the mile wide and inch deep status of the d-line, it will have to be the sum of the parts to make UF successful.

In the middle will be Clint McMillan, who played in every game last season but has never started. Next to him will be Javier Estopinan, who started two games last season but has worse knees than my 51 year old father.

The question with these two will be how long can they hold up? That because the best options behind them are Lutrell Alford and Brandon Antwine, neither of whom inspire much faith. After that it's freshmen Torrey Davis and John Brown. At least those guys are stud recruits.

On the end opposite Harvey is sophomore Jermaine Cunningham, who saw time as a freshman. Luckily for UF, freshman DE Justin Trattou looks like the real deal and should enter the rotation quickly.