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You Stay Classy Ohio State

Via SPORTSbyBROOKS, comes the story of former OSU president Karen Holbrook, who is now hoping to become president at Florida Gulf Coast University. Holbrook retired on June 30th so she was lucky enough to be there when UF kicked OSU asses twice in four months. Holbrook was also lucky enough to experience OSU's unique brand of tailgating.

"I went to Ohio State and had no idea there was a culture of rioting," Holbrook said. "Any good excuse gets some of the people on the street and they think it's fun to flip cars and really have absolute drunken orgies."
Holbrook put together a task force to turn the situation around.
"I was told that was the culture and I was ruining football," she said. "I don't want to be at a place that has this kind of culture as a norm."

While UF has it's share of horrible celebration moments (the University of North Florida student who killed a Gainesville PD officer after the basketball title), actual UF students haven't flipped over any cars or caused too much damage. The worst thing a UF student did was ripping out a tree at the corner of University Ave. and NW 17th Street after the BCS title (a piece of which I have in my car next to my Palm Sunday cross). As for the drunken orgies, well, I can't speak for the other writer of this site, but I know nothing of this.