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Ten To Defend: Derrick Harvey

If there is one player on the defensive line we don't have to worry about, it is Derrick Harvey.

One ship in the fleet that destroyed Troy Smith in the BCS National Championship Game, Harvey is a returning junior that had 11 sacks in 2006. Those 11 sacks led the team. According to Urban, the kid seems to have everything necessary to be successful.

"Derrick Harvey is above and beyond where we thought he'd be as a leader and a football player," coach Urban Meyer said. "All he does is go hard as he can, and he's got a tremendous future."

Harvey will have to be a leader as the d-line is stacked with freshmen and guys who have rarely played. It's too much to ask for Harvey to get 11 sacks again because some of those came from offensive lines worried about Jarvis Moss and the rest of the Gators' D. Now they will be game planning for Harvey.

If that happens, the best thing Harvey can do is absorb double teams and let the tackles and outside LB's get in on the play. It will be interesting to see how Harvey reacts to this attention, and if he can use it for good.