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Know Your Enemy: Western Kentucky

Opponent: Western Kentucky Hilltoppers (University slogan: The Spirit Makes The Master. What the hell does that mean?)

Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky. Not to be confused with Bowling Green, Ohio or Bowling Green, Florida.

Conference: Sun Belt Conference, but as a first year D-1 FBS member, is not a full member.

2006 Record: 6-5, including 48-12 loss at Georgia.

Notable Statistic(s): Their statistics almost perfectly match the equivalent of a 6-5 record; Yards Per Play: 5.7 to 5.3. Scoring Per Game: 23.5 to 23.9. Somewhere, a sabermatrician is salivating over this. Or not.

Notable Player(s):
LB Dusty Bear, because his name is Dusty Bear.
QB David Wolke is making his first start at WKU after transferring there from Notre Dame.

Unconfirmed Rumor About Team: Derek Jeter didn't give Jessica Alba the herp. It was WKU's mascot, Big Red.