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Ten To Defend: The Finale

Ten To Defend: The Finale

For the past two weeks, we have been discussing who, other than Urban, Tebow, and Harvin, will be key to the Gators defending their title.

Tony Joiner
Drew Miller
Derrick Harvey
The Defensive Line
Dan Mullen
Bubba Caldwell
Kestahn Moore
Cornelius Ingram
Charlie Strong

So who is the tenth on our list? You.

When Time Magazine named You as their person of the year, they looked at the popularity of YouTube, myspace, and blogs that allow the average person to suddenly have a voice.

Well, we're not going that route. The reason why we picked You was because now, more than ever, the bulls eye is on our back. We have won three consecutive titles and the students walk around like winning SEC titles in basketball and football is included with tuition.

Now we have pressure and attention never felt before. You wear a Gator shirt and suddenly 80% of the people in the room hate you. That's what happens when you dominate.

Which means that You, Me, and everyone who is a Gator fan or student, has to represent the University better than ever before. No sitting at football games, no believing that Western Kentucky is something more than a glorified preseason game, and you better know the words to "We Are The Boys" and the Alma Mater.

You will have specific shirts for specific games and know damn well that you cannot wear your lucky shirts for easy games. (My lucky shirt, a bright orange Nike polo, is reserved for Tennessee, LSU, and postseason games. I wear my `I HATE FSU' jersey for the Noles.) You will tailgate with pride and make sure you are in the stadium for introductions.

2006 was The Year of The Gator. I pray we can keep winning in all sports and make this The Era of The Gator. (And yes, I do pray for the Gators to win even though a priest at St. Augustine's in Gainesville told me not to.) But we can also make this The Era of The Gators if You, Me, and everyone who is a Gator represents the University of Florida with pride all around the world.

Enjoy today's game.

If you won't be in Gainesville, here's a list of Lincoln Financial Sports stations (click on affiliates). If you're in Tampa, it's on WTTA 38 (old WB).