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Alligator Army Gameday Notebook: September 1, 2007

A look at the stories preceding today's game against Western Kentucky...

Somewhere on Long Island, a 40 year old father of three opens his New York Times sports section and says, "Who the hell is Tim Tebow?"

That's because the starting quarterback of the Florida Gators is profiled in today's Times. If you want to know how insane the hype around Tebow has become, think about this; the rest of the world looks at the Times as America's newspaper. There are people in London and Tokyo reading about Tebow today. Tebow is lucky though that he has an older brother who is keeping him grounded and protecting him from all this hype.

"He's a legend on campus," said Peter Tebow, Tim's older brother, who is a senior majoring in computer engineering. "He's more of a legend than a person, actually."

Never mind.


There is a fantastic article today in the St. Petersburg Times talking about the difference in Urban's demeanor from year one to today. Nearly everyone had an opinion on it; Bubba, Drew Miller, the guys who mow the fields, and Shelley Meyer.

"Absolutely there's a change in him, especially from year one," said Shelley Meyer, Urban's wife. "And I'll tell you, I know exactly what it is: He and his players have developed a trust in each other that you just don't have right when you walk in the door. It took that whole first year just to get that groundwork laid, for the team to become a family and accept these new coaches, and for Urban to get to know his players."


And if you need a way to measure the impact of the Phil Trautwein injury, Florida's odds of winning the SEC have dropped from 2-1 to 3-1.