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Welcome To Tennessee Week. Hey, Bubba, where you going?

First the bad news.

Andre "Bubba" Caldwell will miss the [Tennessee] game after being injured in Florida's win over Troy, according to sources.

Caldwell, a senior wide receiver, suffered a sprained medial collateral ligament on the first play of the second half. He is also expected to miss next week's game against Ole Miss in Oxford, Miss.

I know the health of the player is at risk, but I think Bubba will be available Saturday. (Well, I hope. It'd be nice to have one senior in the game.)

That said, there is a game to play Saturday. When we were offered this job, the first thing that came to mind was Tennessee week. There are only two teams who we want to destroy; FSU and Tennessee. LSU we respect and Georgia we laugh at. But there is pure hatred in our hearts for the Noles and Vols.

Not only is Championship Mode coming to Gainesville this week, but the real season begins Saturday. As a student, we never even won the SEC East, and two losses to Tennessee caused that. (Only Urban made me 2-2 versus UT.) So, if we get this game, it should be smooth sailing all the way to Baton Rouge.

During this week, we will revisit notable UF-UT games; 1990 and 1991, any game where Peyton Manning got his ass kicked, the 2001 game, the 2003 game, and 2004's Dallas Baker Game. (If we're missing any there, or you have a story to add, let us know.) And we'll properly introduce you to Championship Mode, since we will be in Gainesville, cursing every other word and wearing our lucky clothes. While we don't have sweet graphics like our competitor we hope to bring a significant amount of hate. We hope you join us.