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Finally, an excuse to go to Gator Growl. FREE BIRD!

I was a bad student. My last football season as a student was 2005 and I missed Gator Growl. In 2006, I had a sinus infection and missed it, but brought Championship Mode to the LSU Tigers the next day. But, I'm going this year. Why? Lynyrd Skynyrd bitches.

Legendary Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd will take the Gator Growl stage this year and bring its "Swamp Music" to the Gator Nation.
The decision to bring Skynyrd is part of a greater effort by Gator Growl at the University of Florida to return the show to its family-friendly, pep rally beginnings. "Not only are they one of the biggest names to ever perform at Growl," spokeswoman Anna Murphy said, "but their act also fits very well within what we are trying to do with the show - a Gator Growl that appeals to everyone, not just students."

What? Family friendly? Screw that! I want to see dirty, weed smoking Southern hippies! FREEEEEEEE BIRDDDDDDDDDD!