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Monday Morning Film Session

A look back as Saturday's game film against Troy because we have a Gator Vision account and we might as well use it.

First Half Defense: Boy, they really came together didn't they? Only allowing 130 yards, the bend-don't break zone kept everything within five yards of scrimmage. Plus, they held up well considering UF was running a nickel most of the time, straining their depth in the secondary. Their pursuit was there. However, Troy also had trouble with hand offs (QB Omar Haugabook wanting to pull the ball out) and only looked decent on the scoring drive.

First Half Offense: 49 points is lovely. But two penalties after you get first and goal at the six is not lovely. Other than that, it was great. Everyone blocked, and CI and Lou Murphy were open on crossing routes. (I think this was part of the game plan; focusing on hitting Ingram and Murphy on crosses and drags, rather than Bubba or Cooper on deep routes like last week.) Tebow is not scared to stick it in tight spots, but I think he can do a better job of disguising if he is going to run or throw.

Second Half Defense: Do you remember The Dallas Baker Game in 2004? Baker, in his second season, gets flagged for a personal foul which ultimately sets up Tennessee's winning field goal. I thought that watching the second half when the defense and special teams kept racking up penalties. They are all potential and no experience.
Troy took advantage of this and adjusted to the Gators' zone, attacking the seams for three big pass plays. It seemed that the defense then abandoned their assignments, and worried about guys not in their zone, which opened a hole somewhere else. It didn't help that blitzes were being called every third play to stop the momentum (like when Major Wright got burned for Troy's last TD). Plus, they still take bad angles, Munroe and Jones especially.

Second Half Offense:Not only did Riley Cooper disappear against Troy, he missed two big blocks, one which led to Fayson getting hurt. UF ran the ball, but not efficiently until the last two scoring drives. On that last drive, by design or not, Tebow took over. The play calls were Tebow run, Tebow run, Tebow run, Percy run, Moore run, Tebow run, Tebow run, Tebow run for a touchdown.

That said, I have no idea what to make of Saturday.