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Here's Another Sport We Own You In

Isn't it nice how UF pulls out all the stops for a rivalry game?

The guys who helped turn Gainesville into Titletown will be back for the first big game of the 2007 football season.
Members of the Florida basketball team will receive their NCAA Championship rings in a ceremony on Florida Field prior to the Gators' SEC opener against Tennessee. A video honoring the first team to win back-to-back titles since 1992 will be shown prior to the ceremony.
The presentation will take approximately 21 minutes prior to the 3:34 p.m. kickoff and the University Athletic Association will be encouraging fans to be in their seats at 3:10 p.m. if they want to see the ceremony.

While it's nice to welcome the women's tennis team or the swim team before a game, the basketball team is a little bit more than nice. Only Lee Humphrey is unable to attend as he is currently in Europe, so we'll pretty much see everyone. I think this will get the crowd excited before kickoff. I'm just guessing.

Note: In the pervious I wrote Antonio Gates, not Gaines (it's now fixed). I was even emailing people and telling them Gaines would be out. I think still have fantasy football on the brain. That's my only explanation for the screw up.