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Tennessee Week Notebook: September 11th

There are a few reasons why I'm nervous about Saturday. Our best receiver/back is out, our quarterback is too young, and now Urban is telling people to wear blue Saturday. Let's start with the less serious and work our way up.
From Uncle Buddy Martin in Gator Country...Urban is asking everyone to wear blue Saturday. (Maybe he saw how cool Penn State's "White Out" was and wants to see a "Blue Wave.") Now, I'm presented with a problem; wear my lucky orange polo, which has won three National Championships and two SEC titles, or find a blue shirt. Lucky for Urban and the Gators, I'll be wearing my blue Express polo, which has won the Stanley Cup. (That's hockey, in case you needed a refresher.)
Pat Dooley writes that Tim Tebow is ready for Saturday. We always knew that Tebow was a student of Gator history, but being in Tennessee for the 2004 game may have ratcheted up the hatred for him. While Tebow doesn't exactly say how he feels about Tennessee, Urban as a good sense of it.

Tebow knows.
He knows what this week means to the Gator Nation because he was part of it long before many of his teammates.
He knows about the tradition.
He knows about the history.
He knows this isn't just another game.
Because he knows more about this game than his coach.
"He knows," Meyer said. "He'll make a comment about something that happened 15 years ago in Florida football. For me to sit there and explain to Tim how big this game is he's looking at me like I'm nuts."
He already knows.

Yeah Timmy! Get `em!
And former Gator walk-on Andy Staples talks us back from the ledge after hearing Bubba may be out longer than two weeks. And Dan Mullen seems confident the rest of the backs and receivers will step in.
"If you take one out of the offense, everybody else has to kind of pick it up a notch," Mullen said. "If you take Bubba's eight touches in the course of a game, two of them might go to Percy [Harvin], two of them might go to Jarred Fayson, Louis Murphy, Riley Cooper or [Tim] Tebow."

If there is one thing that will help UF, it's that Tennessee CB Antonio Gaines is out for the season.