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Tennessee Week Notebook: September 12th

It's not quite bulletin board material, but it'll do. From Go Vols Xtra.

Tennessee defensive end Xavier Mitchell shared his mindset with the media on Tuesday as he prepares to defend against Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, who is well known for his physical running style.
"Bring it," UT's senior defensive end said. "That's what goes through my mind. I think that's everybody's mindset...He wants to run the ball and that's fine with me," Mitchell said of Tebow. "We thrive on hitting quarterbacks. If he wants to lower his shoulder, we'll lower ours too and bring the hat."

Obviously, Mitchell is forgetting that E does not equal mc2. E = Tim Tebow.
(For more Tebow facts, look here. My favorite is, "Tim Tebow sweats Gatorade."
Maybe Mitchell will get his chance to put a hat on Tebow. After all, if the o-line sucks in practice, then who knows what will happen Saturday. Meyer reported that someone missed an assignment, and Cam Newton paid for it during a scrimmage. In typical Urban-speak, Meyer reassured everyone it wasn't a starter.
"And it's not a starter, it's a guy that's obviously got more interest in other things than to protect the quarterback's backside."

Possible things that the unnamed player is worrying about: getting X-Box fixed before the bye week, today's quiz in Man's Food, and if that chick he met at Gator City has accepted his facebook friendship yet.
Leak is planning on trying out for the AAFL. I'm actually bummed about this because I was hoping Wuerffel would be the QB for Team Florida.