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Tennessee Week Notebook: September 13th

First we begin with an emergency; Tennessee fans are coming for our women.

Losers With Socks has a primer for any Vols fans coming to Gainesville and hoping for a pleasant Friday and Saturday night. I got queasy when I saw Erin Andrews and current student and former volleyball player Kari Klinkenborg featured in the article. (By the way, both of those women are Telecom-News. I knew I picked the right major.) You know some idiot Vols fan with the Dale Earnhardt mustache and a wad of dip is going to be aiming for women who look like this. So here's some warning for Tennessee fans visiting The University City.

  1. We can see you staring. Seriously. You may think Gator City and Market Street are dark enough to leer at hot chicks, but we notice you. And we don't like it.
  2. Do not `accidentally' walk into our tailgate and start talking to Florida chicks. It's not very clever because we do the exact same move. And no one thinks your Tennessee orange Ralph Lauren oxford shirt is cool. Actually, it's kinda gay.

Wednesday was another sluggish practice for the Gators. Maybe I'm paranoid (well, I am), but I would like to see some positive news come off the Sanders fields. Urban, however, will use tomorrow as the measuring stick.

"You don't have to be feeling good yet," said Meyer. "Tomorrow when I walk off the field this team has got to be feeling great about themselves."

Tony Barnhart breaks down Saturday's matchup. He notes that only Wuerffel and Doug Johnson have defeated Tennessee in their first starts (not good). But, UF has shut down Tennessee on the ground (good). It seems correct to predict this game as a shootout. If that ends up being true, whoever controls the ground game and the clock, will win.