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UF Classic Moments In Championship Mode: Tennessee

Live in Gainesville...

For the first time this season, myself and my group of friends will be in Championship Mode. Now what does Championship Mode mean? As defined by Urban Dictionary...

Mental state that requires a sports fan to be so absorbed in a game, that he or she believes they are affecting the outcome of the game. A person in championship mode demonstrates devotion to their team by remaining focused on the game and staying sober. Note: championship mode should only be used for highly meaningful regular season games and postseason games.

On our other blog, we celebrate Championship Mode once a week, including Jarvis Moss against South Carolina. While Championship Mode can happen in an instant, like against South Carolina, it should be declared before a game. For instance, Tennessee, LSU, Georgia, and Florida State get the Championship Mode treatment. So do SEC Championship Games and BCS bowl games.

If you use it against Vandy or Western Kentucky, it loses its value. Think of Championship Mode like a vintage car. You don't take it to Publix to pick up milk. You take it to pick up chicks at the beach. The power is used when it is necessary.

With that said, Urban Meyer also seems to be a follower of Championship Mode. He is 6-0 against the Big Three and 1-1 with LSU. Plus he is 3-0 in the postseason. He realizes these games are extra important, and we should too.

So, today we present UF Classic Moments In Championship Mode. Before the rivalry games, we will have a video in this spot of a historic Gators moment against that week's opponent. Today, it's Dallas Baker's winning touchdown against Tennessee last season. Enjoy.

This post and tomorrow's Alligator Army / Sporting Orange Tailgate is dedicated to our friend Natalie Boyd. Seen here bringing Championship Mode to Florida-Georgia last season, she's unable to attend tomorrow's game after some bastard Miami kid crashed into her last week. Don't worry Boyd, you have thrown the Championship Mode torch to us, and we will hold it high.

And if you're on the east side of campus, stop by the tailgate and say hello. We'll be the idiots by Broward Beach with wayyyy too much food.