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Quick Thoughts From Today's Game

  • After UF went up 42-20, Urban should have started going for two points. Just think, we could have hung 60 plus on them.
  • This wasn't the hottest game ever. But during the game, I was sweating and soaked my shirt. Later, the sun ducked behind the clouds so my shirt dried up. In its place were sweat stains that makes my shirt look like the Shroud of Turin.
  • I was in section 35, row 74 on the student side. At halftime, the nearest concession stand ran out of bottled water and Gatorade. HOW THE HELL DO YOU RUN OUT OF GATORADE? WE INVENTED GATORADE! It's like running out of milk at a dairy farm.
  • Joe Haden seems to have figured out this whole zone defense thing. He would track a guy, then slide back down to cover the TE or RB crossing the field. They did give up 261 in the air, but it's a bend-don't break defense. Plus, despite little push into the backfield, they held the line and allowed only 37 on the ground.
  • Percy Harvin had 195 yards of total offense in 13 touches. Today, he earned the middle initial of `F.'
More tomorrow...