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Tennessee Week Notebook: Gameday

Tennessee Week Notebook: Gameday

You know it's a big game when the columnists start.

Talking in.

One sentence paragraphs.

That's what Pat Dooley does in today's Gainesville Sun.

This game can't make a season, but it can certainly break one.
It's big. It's always big.
Who would want it any other way?
Both teams want it.
Tennessee needs it.
Florida doesn't care.

Wow, someone call the Pulitzer Committee. Come on, can't we at least get a UT joke in there?
"Why do Tennessee fans wear orange? So they can go to the game on Saturday. Go hunting Sunday. And pick up trash the rest of the week."
We're headed to the tailgate with Starbucks, Gatorade, and enough food to feed the Chinese army. I always try to stay confident while in Championship Mode by using Positive Energy. But, three things have me feeling the good karma.
  1. Look at the lower left of the UF student ticket. See the cute chick with the orange hat and white t-shirt? That's The Girl.
  2. The Yanks scored six runs in the eighth to beat Boston 8-7 after Tito Francona tried to bring in closer Jonathan Papelbon for the six out save. Suck it Boston.
  3. I had my picture taken with my friend who is a waitress at the Gainesville Hooters. In front of a autographed picture of her on the wall in the restaurant. Classy.
Enjoy the game. Go Gators.