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What could Charlie Weis do with this team?

During Saturday's game, there were two other games that were constantly discussed in the stands; Texas-UCF and Notre Dame-Michigan. The UCF game was significant because we all wanted to see if the state's largest community college could top a powerhouse. But, the other game was more our morbid fascination with seeing the old men of college football sent to the bottom of the sport.

In the worst shape now is Notre Dame, who may not ever score a touchdown again. It's hard to remember how close Urban Meyer was to going to ND instead of Florida. He had an out in his Utah contract for Notre Dame and coached in the Midwest. If Florida lost out on Urban and Spurrier, maybe Weis was next on the radar.

Looking at Weis' inability to motivate his team and his apparent inability to adapt to other teams, Florida would be in rough shape if Weis was in control. Sure, the Krispy Kreme on 13th Street would be doing great business, but Weis' system harnesses talent by using a two TE front that encourages a more traditional style.

Using the spread, even with players not used to it, Urban has been successful. The beauty of the spread is that the shotgun is the base front, which encourages the passing game, option runs, and QB mobility. Where the spread looks to the West Coast offense for short passing influence (like Weis' system), the shotgun and option attack is from entirely different systems.

So let's say we just saw Weis' third game against Tennessee. I think it would be fair to say Weis would be 3-0 this season because Tennessee did not show anything that was unstoppable. The score wouldn't be 59-20, but 27-17 sounds about right. That'll make him 2-1. In his first two seasons, he'd probably be 0-2 against LSU and South Carolina. We'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume 2-0 against UGa and FSU. Also, let's keep the road losses at Bama in 2005 and Auburn in 2006. In bowl games, he'll be 1-1 in the 2005 Outback and 2006 Peach Bowl. Assume everything else remains constant, that makes Weis 9-3 and 8-5 last season. Which are Zooker numbers.