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Film Study

A look back at the Tennessee game...

First Half Defense: Despite almost zero push into the backfield, Florida was able to stop the run. Why? The d-line was able to take up blockers, which freed up LBs and DBs to attack the line. That is exactly what a d-line is supposed to do...In the passing game, players were open in zone holes. Give UT credit for picking the soft spots. Joe Haden and Dorian Munroe played very well. Haden was impressive has he kept everything in front of him, and understood his zone responsibilities. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Kyle Jackson cannot tackle. For some reason, he is keeping his head down, so he can't see what he is trying to hit.
UT's final scoring drive exploited UF's bend-don't break defense. Everything was within 7 yards of the line of scrimmage, but a few of those became 10 yard plays, which is a problem. Against UT with a three TD lead it's ok. Not against LSU.

First Half Offense: CI might be NFL-ready. He had three total catches and a first half TD, but watching him work even without the ball is impressive. His catch during UF's first TD drive required a fantastic pass from Tebow, but also CI finding a spot in the zone to get the ball. CI already understands when to sit in the zone, and when to drag to create a bigger target for Tebow. On his TD, CI looked like he had a false start. But if you watch the video, CI moved on Tebow's signal. CI was so fast, he beat the snap, and then used that speed to run past the UT secondary and catch the TD in the back left corner. The TD in that drive was a perfect throw from Tebow into Cooper's arms. Tebow has shown he can put touch on it and fire it. Plus, his third down conversion pass to Moore was a beautiful play on both ends. Tebow kept the play alive and threw to Moore who came back to the ball.

Second Half Defense: UT had momentum after their pick-6, but the fumble recovery and TD by Dustin Doe ended all of UT's hopes. UF shut them out the rest of the way, but they still need to work on recognizing screens and closing on open receivers in the zone. With a safe lead, UF was able to generate pressure by blitzing, but that can't be expected because this secondary needs seven in coverage.

Second Half Offense: I guess because Cooper caught a TD in the first half, he thought he could take the second half off. Not only did he give up on a ball, he ran the wrong route, leading to the UT pick-6. But, the second half was the Percy Harvin Show. His touchdown run was absolutely insane. However, his two notable catches were even better. First was the 50 yard bomb after UF was backed in their end zone. Harvin hit an extra gear and ran under the ball (he was running so hard, he fell over). Then, the catch over a UT defender, which also saved an INT. But neither of these plays happen if the o-line wasn't at the top of their game. Even with injuries, they held up very well.