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Alligator Army Notebook: September 20th

-- It looks like UF will face senior QB Seth Adams Saturday despite Adams leaving last week's game with a sprained right shoulder. Unlike Brent Shaffea, Adams is more of a drop back passer. (By the way, is it Shaffea or Schaffua? I'm not very good at understanding the Southern/Cajun accent. Unless it's a hot sorority girl with the accent. Then I have to hang onto something sturdy because my knees are getting weak.)

-- There's an article about UF adjusting to an early start time. Yes, the game starts at 11:30 am CENTRAL TIME! That's 12:30pm Gainesville time (actually 12:25pm if you believe the fables) so the players' bodies will be mostly adjusted to the time with no problem.

-- The Gators will be looking at another good running back in BenJarvus Green-Ellis (great name). UF is also preparing for the possibility of seeing Shaffea.

"(The defense) is actually going back and looking at film of last year (when Schaeffer was the Ole Miss starter)," UF coach Urban Meyer said. "He's certainly a much different quarterback (than Adams). I read somewhere where they might put in a few plays (Schaeffer) is good at. Obviously, the athleticism concerns you."

Urban is not factoring in that while Shaffea is athletic, he sucks.

-- Like UF, Ole Miss lost leadership and skill on their defense last season and has been scrambling to keep up. But UF is building off last week's impressive showing while Ole Miss is going back to basics. I imagine that UF should be able to pick these guys apart, but I keep remembering that Ole Miss has won the last two in the series and the Gators haven't won in the Magnolia State since 1994.