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My favorite sitcom: The Phillip Fulmer Show

For some reason, Sun Sports broadcasts "The Phillip Fulmer Show" on Thursday afternoons. While it's always good for a few laughs, today's was especially hilarious. Not only do they not show Percy's two fantastic catches and the last 4th and 1 play, they missed the Cam Newton TD.

I understand not showing every play because the show is seen Sunday mornings in Tennessee and the Vols don't want to frighten people in their double wides. But here's the thing; after the field goal to go up 52-20, the announcer says, "And on fourth and goal, the Gators elect to kick. That makes it 52-20, which was our final."

At that point, they are back on set and you could see Fat Phil cringe when the host said the score. Absolutely hilarious television. The host should be getting attention from The Academy. Of course, at the end of the show, the host said the correct score as Fat Phil discussed the team's prayer meeting following the Florida game.

By the way, tickets are still available for Saturday's Tennessee-Arkansas State game!