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All Your Recruits Are Belong To Us

ESPN's number two recruit, Will Hill of St. Peter's Prep in New Jersey, committed to the Gators this evening. Hill, who played QB and safety in college, will be a DB at Florida. He is the fourth guy signed by the Gators as a DB; the others are Jeremy Brown, Dee Finley, and Janoris Jenkins. All of them are really fast.

Following the Tennessee game, Urban Meyer said on his radio show that he had to visit with some recruits and Hill was one of them. Hill and his family was looking for an environment that was family orientated, would provide a good education, and a place where he could win national titles. I'd say Gainesville fits that description. What makes it even better is that dropping 59 on Tennessee helped make his decision.

"I went to the Rutgers-Louisville game last year, but I had never seen anything like this," said Hill of the weekend visit, when reached by phone on Tuesday. "The atmosphere at Florida, from the fans and alumni, showed how serious they take football and how much they love the game. I knew my dad would be hyped, but even my mom was jumping around doing the Gator chomp!"

Add all these guys to a defensive backfield with Joe Haden, Wondy Pierre-Louis, Jamar Hornsby, and Major Wright? I think our secondary will be ok.