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Alligator Army Notebook: September 21st

  • The Legend of Tim Tebow goes to Oxford Saturday, and they are already talking as if he is Paul Bunyan. The most amazing thing about this is Tebow is in a position where no one knows what to make of him. He's never been hit hard (because he hits first or he out runs a guy) and there appears to be no cuts in his armor. He's a fullback with a cannon hanging off his left shoulder. We can't accurately judge Tebow until someone hits him in the mouth.
  • And it's becoming more apparent that Ole Miss will not be that team to smack Tebow around. There is a list of what is wrong with this matchup. But against teams like Ole Miss, I develop a hockey mentality. Every time Tebow heads to the sidelines or is standing unprotected after a play, I keep waiting for an opposing player to do a swan dive into his knee. A team with half the talent of UF is more likely to take these cheap shots. To combat this, UF needs an enforcer. I'd like to see it be Eric Rutledge, but he isn't on the field enough. CI is a better option because he's talented and is one of the most physically imposing people I have ever seen.
  • Finally, in the mode of there is a thread on the Gator Country boards about what would have happened if the UPD tased Tebow. Personally, I like the question, "Could Tebow kill a bear?" The answer? "Yes, as long as the bear does not have a weapon." Another note: If Ole Miss goes undefeated and wins a National Championship in 2027 with guys who are 6'3 and 250, we'll know why. Tebow impregnated all the beautiful women in Oxford.