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Don't get distracted guys. Remember what you have in Gainesville.

In one of the great statistical oddities of all time, Florida has not won in the state of Mississippi since 1994. Of course, this doesn't make any sense. Florida should have defeated Ole Miss in Oxford in 2002 and Mississippi State in 2004, although that last loss worked out well for us.

The MSU loss is unacceptable. However, the Ole Miss loss is acceptable when you think how our players are distracted by the women at Ole Miss. These are women who wear prom dresses, designer clothes, and look fantastic for every game. Not a student section t-shirt in the bunch.

So with that in mind, I just want to remind the team of the hot chicks they are leaving behind in Gainesville. Not only do we have plenty of hot chicks, ours are not looking to become trophy wives and spend money on purses and BMWs. (Well, some of them are, but those chicks are from Winter Park and Boca. You should avoid them anyway.)

Clockwise from top right: a random model in a UF shirt, the famous Tebow and friend picture, former UF volleyball player Kari Klinkenborg, my favorite Gainesville Hooters waitress, Erin Andrews, some girl from Maxim that listed the Gators as her favorite team, and a Dazzler.