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Alligator Army Gameday Notebook: September 22nd

  • The Gators success this season on defense is from speed and coaching. As fans of the team, we went in with the expectation that the defense would not be up to last year's standards. But, we had no idea how athletic and fast these guys were. Strong and Mattison have been patient with them, and even when a mistake is made, their athleticism makes up for it.
  • Not only will this be the Gators' first road test, but the first matchup against a desperate team. Some of the players will know what to expect. But this will be a game where there are five personal foul calls because A.J. Jones and Chris Rainey are going to slap someone in the mouth after a play.
  • Pulled from the comments, Will Hill gave an interview with (HT: twan333). Hill seems like a good kid, but there is something even more impressive. The hat he is wearing is the old school interlocking UF logo the baseball team uses. Will Hill will not settle for your average Gator hat. No sir, give him the old school look. But it would have been better if he used this logo.
  • We're live blogging the game, so stop by again around 12:30 and harass my ability to use html code in the comments.