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Ole Miss-UF First Quarter Live Blog

Hello friends, you're looking liiiiiiiiive at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium for Florida vs. Ole Miss. I'll be live blogging today's game with Alligator Army mascot, Bella The Yellow Lab.

Update [2007-9-22 12:35:56 by mlmintampa]:Pregame- UM's bad looks really classy in their red shirts and blue gym shorts.

Update [2007-9-22 12:35:56 by mlmintampa]:Pregame- The Tampa affiliate just played a Mitt Romney advert. Good God, first Fred Thompson last week at the game, and now this guy? Can't I watch a game in peace?

Update [2007-9-22 12:35:56 by mlmintampa]:UF starts with the ball.

Update [2007-9-22 12:35:56 by mlmintampa]:Brandon James is coooooold blooded. UF begins at the UM 30.

Update [2007-9-22 13:5:39 by mlmintampa]:13:20- After two runs go nowhere and Percy drops a first down pass, Iijas missed the 42 yard FG. Nice.

Update [2007-9-22 13:5:39 by mlmintampa]:11:20- Three and out for UM. By the way, Kyle Jackson was out there too. Punt grounded at the UF 28.

Update [2007-9-22 13:5:39 by mlmintampa]:11:13- Tebow got smacked on first down. But he's ok.

Update [2007-9-22 13:5:39 by mlmintampa]:9:38- UF goes three and out; incomplete, Percy run for loss, Tebow run. Then a kick catch interference penalty. UM starts at their 41.

Update [2007-9-22 13:5:39 by mlmintampa]:Note- Play calling; 4 run, 2 pass for UF.

Update [2007-9-22 13:5:39 by mlmintampa]:8:41- UM first down on the UF 35. It was on a play where Joiner blitzed and was picked up.

Update [2007-9-22 13:5:39 by mlmintampa]:They just showed a sign that said "Tase The Gators". Fuck you Andrew Meyer, you happy with the attention?

Update [2007-9-22 13:5:39 by mlmintampa]:7:01- UM converts 3rd and inches on a Harvey offsides call.

Update [2007-9-22 13:5:39 by mlmintampa]:5:08- Jackson and Haden team up to knock away a fade on 3rd down. UM nails the 40 yard figgie. 0-3 UM.

Update [2007-9-22 13:5:39 by mlmintampa]:4:53- Nice James returned killed by holding call. UF starts at the 23. Should have been at the UM 46.

Update [2007-9-22 13:5:39 by mlmintampa]:4:44- On a blitz, Percy gets a first on a wr screen. Tebow late hit not called.

Update [2007-9-22 13:5:39 by mlmintampa]:3:14- Percy first down at UF 47.

Update [2007-9-22 13:5:39 by mlmintampa]:2:57- James run to UM 41 for first down. Percy's was on a pass.

Update [2007-9-22 13:5:39 by mlmintampa]::13- On 4th and 2, Percy makes a catch and moves the ball to the 18 for a first. That ends the quarter.