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Ole Miss-Florida Live Blog 3rd Quarter

Update [2007-9-22 14:29:47 by mlmintampa]:15:00- UM restarts at the 30.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:13:15: UM goes three and out, James fields the punt and is interferred with. UF starts at the 27 of UF.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:Correction, 30 yard line.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:13:06- Moore rumbles left for a first at the 44.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:12:47- Moore again left to the UM 40 yard line.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:Can't fool them three times, UF loses 4 on another Moore run.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:11:37- Lou Murphy first down catch at the 25 on third down. UF picked up the blitz too.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:11:07- The Percy Harvin Show continues as Percy gets to the 11 of UM for a first.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:Percy's first was a catch, his 10th.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:10:05- Two runs by Tebow, the last to the left, put UF ahead 21-6.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:You know, maybe Tebow doesn't take a pounding. Yeah, he hits hard, but he picks his spots. He will put his head down and burrow through the line. That seems to protect him. Also, why the hell does UM have turf? Can they not grow grass in northern Mississippi?

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:9:58- UM restarts at the UM 29.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:UM's Hall to the 39 for a first.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:9:21- UM's Hicks makes a catch at the UF 5, Wondy was owned on that play. Joe Haden would have jacked that ball.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:8:08- Holding up and down the line on third and goal, and Joiner almost makes a pick. But UM gets the figgie, 21-9 UF.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:-7:57- UF restarts at the 40.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:6:30- Tebow run to the 39, 3rd and 11.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:5:44- CI BABY! CI gets to the 37.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:5:17- Lou Murphy makes the catch, breaks two tackles and scores. Then Murphy gets 15 yards for doing a Gator chomp and Iijas misses the PAT. 27-9 UF.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:Penalty enforced on the kickoff.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:5:06- UM restart at the 40 of UM.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:Correction: Johnathan Phillips, not Iijas missed the PAT. And he also kicked off.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:4:58- Spikes nails Adams and gets 15 yards on the roughing call.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:3:46- Long completion puts UM at the 27 of UF.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:2:47- Hodge scores after Jackson decides to go for the pick and not the tackle. 27-16.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:I know Urban likes Jackson, but he is terrible. He's afraid of contact.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:2:40- UF restarts at the 39.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:2:24- Nelson blows another block and Percy gets owned in the backfield. On the previous play, a Percy block spurred a Moore first down run.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]:Moore may have a stinger and Iijas may have a strained groin.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]::42- After a terrible series, the punt is downed by Rainey at the UM 4.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]::35- Then Hall goes to the UM 22 on a simple off tackle.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]::07- Then UM scores after Mike Wallace runs past Joe Haden and Major Wright. Then UM gets 2 points. 27-24.

Update [2007-9-22 15:15:26 by mlmintampa]::00- Haden returns the ball to the 30 to end the quarter.