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Ole Miss - Florida Live Blog 4th Quarter

Since I was eating popcorn and drinking coke in the first half, I'm getting those for the 4th.

Update [2007-9-22 15:41:19 by mlmintampa]:UF better figure out how to stop Ole Miss quickly.

Update [2007-9-22 15:41:19 by mlmintampa]:14:18- Tebow runs for nine then Moore gets the first.

Update [2007-9-22 15:41:19 by mlmintampa]:12:53- Time to punt after an incomplete to Percy. UM restarts at the 27.

Update [2007-9-22 16:6:48 by mlmintampa]:3:34- On 3rd and 6, UM gets another snap infraction. They got one on first down too. 3rd and 11.

Update [2007-9-22 15:41:19 by mlmintampa]:12:05- Hodge sits in the UF zone and picks up the first at the UM 39.

Update [2007-9-22 15:41:19 by mlmintampa]:10:54- On 3rd and 14, Adams overthrow is caught by Left Fielder Tony Joiner. UF ball. at the UF 35.

Update [2007-9-22 15:41:19 by mlmintampa]:UF play calling; 33 pass, 30 run. Correction: UF start at 39.

Update [2007-9-22 15:41:19 by mlmintampa]:10:05- Nelson actually blocked and Percy gets the first at the UM 49 on a screen.

Update [2007-9-22 15:41:19 by mlmintampa]:UF just got their 13th penalty. Thankfully, UM was penaltized on the previous play so it was ok.

Update [2007-9-22 15:41:19 by mlmintampa]:9:18- Tebow burrows through for a first at the UM 37.

Update [2007-9-22 15:41:19 by mlmintampa]:8:45- Tebow keeps on the option and gets to the 25. Fantastic run.

Update [2007-9-22 15:41:19 by mlmintampa]:6:59- Another Tebow run. On a pass, he pockets it and gets to the 12 for a first.

Update [2007-9-22 15:41:19 by mlmintampa]:5:04- UF can't convert as Iijas returns to get the field goal. 30-24. Good God, let's put these guys away and get the hell out of Mississippi.

Update [2007-9-22 16:6:48 by mlmintampa]:Remember, with the missed figgie and PAT, there were 4 points left on the field.

Update [2007-9-22 16:6:48 by mlmintampa]:4:54- UM restarts at the 34.

Update [2007-9-22 16:6:48 by mlmintampa]:3:09- UF makes them go three and out. UM had two snap infractions (moving the ball before the snap) on that series.

Update [2007-9-22 16:6:48 by mlmintampa]:UF calls a timeout. I guess to set up their fake punt or don't hit the punter defense.

Update [2007-9-22 16:6:48 by mlmintampa]:3:01- Sure enough, UM fakes it and UF stops them about 5 yards short.

Update [2007-9-22 16:6:48 by mlmintampa]:UF at UM 41.

Update [2007-9-22 16:6:48 by mlmintampa]:2:10- Tebow to the 27 for a first down. The kid has 155 yards rushing.

Update [2007-9-22 16:6:48 by mlmintampa]:2:04- After Tebow's first, UM called a timeout. After another run, UM called a TO again. They have one left.

Update [2007-9-22 16:6:48 by mlmintampa]:Tebow has 420 all purpose yards.

Update [2007-9-22 16:6:48 by mlmintampa]:1:11- On third and 3, Tebow follows Jim Tartt pulling and converts the first down.

Update [2007-9-22 16:6:48 by mlmintampa]::45- UM finally calls their third time out.

Update [2007-9-22 16:6:48 by mlmintampa]::30- Kneel down time, suckas.

Update [2007-9-22 16:6:48 by mlmintampa]::00- We win. Now let's get the hell out of there. Actually, we didn't win. Team Tebow wins.

Tebow finished with 430 total yards, 168 on the ground. He had 4 TDs. If this game didn't prove he is the engine, I don't know what will. Seriously, if he did this against Ole Miss, imagine what he has to do against LSU. Maybe 6 TDs and 600 total yards. Actually the better question is, Can he play LB? Percy was also a man, with 11 catches for 123 yards. Murphy, James, and CI each had two catches. Where was Fayson all day? And I want to see CI more in the offense. I'm guessing that Tebow, in order to protect the ball, stayed with Percy. Nothing is wrong with that, but better teams will shut Percy down.