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Breakfast With Alligator Army: September 23rd

  • The Gators escaped Oxford with a win. But Gator County says their secondary was, "burned so many times you want to send the young guys to a Shriner's Hospital." Classy. They also point out that this won't look good in the polls, but who cares? It's been well talked about that there are several `elimination games' coming up (UF-LSU, UT-OU, USC-Cal) and the only number that will matter is the 0 in the loss column.
  • Keep this in mind, Tebow was fantastic against an over matched Tennessee, then took over against a desperate opponent on the road. I keep thinking with Tebow that this can't continue. No one can be this good this quickly. As a football fan, I want to see what happens if Tebow is not a Greek God for one game. But as a Gator fan, I want that to happen in the Orange and Blue Game, not during SEC play. Yesterday was the first game where Tebow would get hit and not be the hitter. And the kid still had enough in the tank to wreck people in the 4th quarter.
  • Urban lowers the boom on the defensive line for not pressuring the quarterback, exposing the young secondary. I don't agree with Urban's manner of doing this, saying the pass rush is, "going to cost us a game," but he is right. More pressure means keeping more guys in to block, which means less guys to cover down the field. But, the corners shouldn't be 7 yards off the line, Kyle Jackson should be able to hit someone, and dropping seven in coverage means no one is blitzing. We've come to the point where schemes, not skill, will lead to pressure.
  • Also from The St. Pete Times, Lou Murphy's unsportsmanlike call was because he did the chomp. We're screwed if that is suddenly a penalty. Urban also said most of the penalties, 14 in total, are correctable.
  • As I write this, I'm watching the Sun Sports replay. At the half, Steve Babik interviewed Urban and asked about the numerous penalties. Urban said something to the effect of, "I need to talk to them about that and that's not happening with me standing out here." Babik, rightly so, had no reaction to that and asked another question. That's the first time I've ever seen Urban get upset in an interview. Yeah, he's not Mr. Personality, but you'd think he would be ok with a guy he spends 20 minutes with after the game.