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Destruction Awaits

After sneaking out of Mississippi with a six point win, the Gators now face Auburn. The Tigers have already lost to USF and Mississippi State, so even sociology professors who fix grades won't save this season. Unlike Ole Miss, who was legitimately frisky, Auburn will have all the vigor of a wounded animal.

Not only that, but no one on the Auburn side has played in Gainesville. Even new `chuck and duck' enthusiast Brandon Cox. UF should come out of the gates on fire, but just as important will be the crowd. It's an 8pm start time (plenty of time to enjoy some Mich Light at your tailgate) and the students have jumped on the revenge bandwagon (there is a student movement to wear white Saturday).

Of course, if the D-line can't create pressure and if the D-backs keep getting beat, it will be another nailbiter. We have to assume Urban will have the team ready to go. If that's the case, Cox is going to get lit up.