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Just Everyone Cool Out. COOL OUT!

Some of you may know Dan Shanoff from his work at ESPN. Since then he's been writing his own website and even sent us a few emails when we started our first website. Plus, he's done interviews with AM 850 in Gainesville when we were there and his wife is from Hogtown, so he's a favorite.

But here's the thing; because his wife is from Gainesville, he's a Gators fan. Now, that's fine. There are plenty of those out there. (I've met five people in Dixie and Gilchrist Counties with either a Gators medallion or tattoo and none of them attended UF.) And it was nice to have someone with national recognition having our back when people thought Michigan was a better choice for the BCS title. But today he might have gone too far.

We're all for pumping Tebow up, but we're only four games in. He still has two of the rivals and a trip to Baton Rouge. Plus, he'll be here next season and maybe a senior year. Can't we keep him to ourselves for a while? Will Tebow get a Heisman every time he scores four TD's? Hell, he's still growing as a player.

There is also this; what is the norm for Tebow? Was his game against Ole Miss (427 total yards and 4 TDs) an average game or Tennessee (366 and 4 TDs)? What happens when he throws a pick? My goodness, it's incredible that his TD-INT ratio is 10-1. And that's in 95 attempts.

I haven't written much on Tebow because I'm starting to believe that his norm will be about 350 total yards and 3 TDs. If that is the case, then that is insane. (In 13 games, it becomes 4550 yards and 39 TDs.) As a fan, how can we prepare for that?

Maybe I'm 100% wrong, but I think we still need to be protecting Tebow. Unless he really is a Greek God, there's the possibility he can become burned out or injured. And he still has to deal with the distractions of being a college athlete. Can you imagine the amount of girls he has to fight off every week? And those are just the ones at church!

We all need to step back and let the kid play. And hope he sticks around for his senior year. As for the obscure reference headlining this article, watch this, unless you hate Will Ferrell.