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Alligator Army Notebook: September 25th

  • Bubba will remain out with a bad knee and so will Markihe Anderson and Brian Thomas, which hurts the depth in the secondary. Plus, Riley Cooper, who was available to play but did not Saturday, will return after missing an ankle. You know, Cooper was originally considered a defensive back recruit. With the competition for the ball so crowded, why not shift Cooper to secondary? (Also, Urban is saying players are, "very questionable." What the hell is that? He should just go the hockey coach route and says guys have a, "Lower Body injury."
  • I think we all get how bad the defense was. But this quote from Jermaine Cunningham, who has two of the seven team sacks, was classic.
"I don't understand why everyone's so disappointed in the pass rush."
  • The Independent Florida Alligator reminds every one, DON'T WEAR JEAN SHORTS. (And white shirts to the Auburn game. The 'white out' is getting serious.) I have no idea where this fascination with jean shorts came from, but I think the last time I wore them was in 6th grade. It seems like the jorts territory starts at Lake City and Jacksonville and travels down I-75 and I-95. I-4 acts as a barrier and Orlando and Tampa are the end of the jorts territory. As someone with several friends in Pasco, I can confirm that is jorts territory too. And in Pinellas County, Frenchy's requires their waiters to wear jorts. If it wasn't for the fact that they serve the greatest Grouper sandwich ever, the restaurant would be intolerable.
  • By now, many of you know the LSU game is an 8:28pm kickoff. Which means that Championship Mode will be at DEFCON 3. Not quite Cuban Missile Crisis/SEC/National Championship Games, but pretty damn close. That is if we stay undefeated.