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I See You Fall And It Makes Me Happy

Some days you need a `pick me up' to get the day going. Luckily, FSU has given me that.

Florida State has notified the NCAA of violations involving 23 student-athletes in nine sports after a six-month investigation into academic improprieties.

Two university employees in the Office of Athletic and Academic Support Services "perpetrated academic dishonesty" and the nearly two dozen student-athletes, 17 of whom were on scholarship two have since transferred, "were involved in varying levels of conduct related to online exams that may have violated the University's Academic Honor Policy," FSU chief audit officer David P. Coury wrote in a preliminary report obtained by the St. Petersburg Times on Wednesday.

The best part is that FSU president T.K. Wetherell said that there wasn't evidence of wide spread cheating. Apparently, he doesn't realize that it was two university employees supplying test answers. Um, that is university sponsored cheating. This isn't a student helping a few kids. This is FSU employees crossing the line between advisor and accomplice and breaking the rules. I believe that the NCAA frowns upon these things.

Lucky for FSU, the NCAA has lost its teeth when it comes to punishment for academic dishonesty. Otherwise, Auburn would be screwed. That said, I'm giddy at the prospect of Jenn Sterger analyzing Alabama and how best to cheat on tests.

By the way, did you hear FSU changed their admission requirements? Now you need rejection letters from UF and USF. OHHHHHHHH! Who's third place now?

Pictured: Alligator Army's writers prior to the 2005 FSU game.