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Alligator Army Notebook: September 28th

- Once again, a Percy Harvin injury is giving Gator fans heartburn. But Percy at 90% is better than most guys at 100% so he should be available. Since Bubba is still out, the return of Riley Cooper and maybe even the debut of Deonte Thompson are expected Saturday.
(Remember last week when I compared Percy to Roberto Clemente because they are superstars constantly bothered by injury? In between me ducking lightning bolts since then, I'm already thinking about later this season. That's when Percy will have a bad back and still make 13 catches for 143 yards vs. FSU.)

- Even though it was yesterday, Andy Staples had a great article about Kyle Jackson and Tate Casey taking a back seat this season. While Jackson has struggled on the field, Casey has been injured and is a tight end not designed for this offense. Last year, he got touches and playing time because CI wasn't ready for primetime. Now, CI may have the most untapped potential of anyone on the team.
I feel for Casey because he was also a baseball prospect and he's the subject of one of my favorite stories at UF. During the spring of my senior year, my friends and I saw Casey five times in a month on University Ave. Each time, he had a beer in each hand. He seemed to be doing it because he wanted to get drinks, but didn't want to pay after midnight (we never saw him with a beer after `free beer' ended). But that experience earned him the nickname "Two-Beer Tate". We'll be lifting a Mich Light in his honor Saturday.

- Tonight is a huge night in Tampa as USF has a chance to say hello to the nation in their game against West Virginia. The St. Pete Times revisits some of the notable college games in Tampa history, including a few Florida games. As a Tampa resident, it would be nice to have a UF game at Raymond James. But not as one of the Outback Bowl teams. I've seen three of those games and I'm tired of it. I want to play on New Year's Day, just not at 11am.