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Auburn-Florida Live Blog 1st Quarter

Hello friends, you're looking liiiive at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field. Tonight, it's the #4 Gators and Auburn Tigers. Florida will be looking to avoid the upset bug which as already struck Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia, and Rutgers. Mark May has already predicted Auburn would win because they only allow 19.5 ppg. Apparently Mark May can't read because that's how many UF allows too. We're ready to crack open a Mich Light. Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:

Mr. Two Bits is getting the crowd jacked up. Holly Rowe not so much. But she did tell us Bubba is back. He's even wearing eye black that says "Cinco's Back." That is fantastic.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:: By the way, after watching Grothe, Weatherford/Lee, and whoever Miami trots out there, it's safe to say Tebow is the best in the state. So he's got that going for him. Which is nice.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]::Cold Blooded Brandon James starts us off at the UF 43.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:14:46: Percy gets the first play for one yard on an end around. But Bubba was out there too.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:13:57: 3 and out after Tebow misses Fayson on a crossing route.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:13:48: AUB starts at their 19. No return.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:13:09: Harvey sacks Cox. And Cox is gimpy.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:12:20: AUB declines a 5yd penalty and goes on 4-1.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:12:10: Actually no. AUB punted on 4-1, but Wright ran into the punter, so 1-10 for AUB at the 27.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:10:32: Cox finds Smith at the 45 for a first down on 3-14.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:9:50: Another first by Smith after he broke 5 tackles.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:9:00: Cox rolls right and finds Billings for a first at the 30.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:8:37: Counter to the right for 10 more. AUB at the 19.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:7:21: AUB has 3-3 at the UF 11.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:6:46: AUB runs left for the first at the 7yd line.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:6:16: AUB puts in backup Burns for the QB draw and the score. 0-7 AUB. Time to make popcorn for luck.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:AUB converted TWO 3-16s on that drive. Brandon Cox looks like Joe Montana.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:6:09: UF restarts at the 38. That AUB drive was 14 plays, 86 yards, 7:22 TOP.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:5:19: UF had 3-1 until UF had a false start.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:4:50: Loss of 2 on the swing pass to Moore and it's punting time.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:4:11: AUB restart at 22. No return.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:4:04: Our first personal foul call as Doe trucks Kodi Burns after he drops the pass. But then Doe is smacked by an O-lineman so they offset.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:4:04: AUB timeout on 2-10. How the clock didn't move on that last play, I don't know. It should move at the snap and stop at the whistle. Does the offsetting penalties move the clock back?

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:I'm eating popcorn, so hopefully that brings us some luck.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:3:50: It'll be 2&short after a RB draw.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:3:13 Sorry that should have been 3rd and short. AUB converts anyway.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:2:46: Cox just read War & Peace, then hit Billings at the 50 for a first.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]:1:00: 3&9 at the UF 48.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]::35: Cox sacked at the AUB 45. He even lost his helmet for effect. Trattou and Harvey in on the hit.

Update [2007-9-29 20:48:14 by mlmintampa]::00: James brings the punt to the 17 to end the 1st.