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Alligator Army Gameday Notebook: September 29th

- Chris Fowler writes that he is calling Tim Tebow `Mr. Tebow' because Tebow calls him `Mr. Fowler'. (Scroll halfway down the page.) Now that's a cute Tebow story along with the QB gaining five pounds when he walks past a turkey sandwich, and the St. Johns River being created by Tebow's baby rattle. But here's the good part.

Georgia fans surrounded our set after the Dawgs OT win at Tuscaloosa. Chants of "We want Florida" quickly dissolved into "Tebow Sucks."
Huh? Georgia has three games before the game formerly known as the Cocktail Party. Taunting Tebow long distance at that moment is nutty. But that shows how fixated opposing fans have become.

I have to be honest. I don't have much hatred of Georgia. In fact, I was surprised when as a junior in high school, I visited Athens and saw a store called `Gator Haters'. I have a lot more hatred for FSU and Tennessee. But going after Tebow? Not smart. Which leads to...

- An article earlier this week(via EDSBS) about Auburn DT Pat Sims and the protection he is carrying on his injured left hand. Of course, he hopes to use it to stop Mr. Tebow.

"He's not going to run through me," Sims said. "When he gets a feel of this club he isn't going to want more problems."

The writer of the article claims that this was said with some humor, but we're not idiots. There is a reason why the 1970's Oakland Raiders all had broken hands and arms. Because they would swing their casts like they were Louisville Sluggers. I hope Mr. Tebow breaks Sims like Michael Scott broke Meredith's pelvis in the Dunder-Mifflin parking lot. (Look at this picture. The club is bigger than the ball!)

- As if battling a guy with a sledgehammer wasn't enough, remember LB Tray Blackmon and DT Quentin Groves. He sacked Leak three times last season and is now looking for the Auburn career sacks record. Even though Auburn's offense is terrible (11th in total offense) they have allowed the same amount of points as UF (19.5 per game) and they are third in total defense (306.8 ypg).

- In the plethora of articles this morning about last year's game, Andy Staples' article wins. Especially for this entry.

As the University of Florida football team came unglued in the visitor's locker room last year at Auburn's Jordan-Hare Stadium, an assistant suggested to Coach Urban Meyer that he step in and calm his players. Meyer looked at the players, some crying, some screaming at one another, and made a decision.
'I said, 'no, let it go.' We let it go for about 15 minutes,' Meyer said Monday. 'I wanted to watch, and I wanted to clear the air. Every good family has had that.'

This team better not come unglued this week. And can we cut down on the penalties? Please.

- We're live blogging the game again, so get excited. Bella The Yellow Lab and I will be splitting a six-pack of Michelob Light.