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Thoughts And Comments

  • On the drive that made it 17-17, Tebow was great running the ball. But he had 19 carries and 75 hard yards in the game. What is the mileage meter on this kid? Is Tebow running that much better than Moore? (Nevermind, don't answer that.) But the problem is that Tebow will run early in the game. And it seems like Mullen does it to set up later plays. So, why not run Moore then?
  • This was said on the Sun Sports post game, but we need to see more of CI. If Bubba is out, you still have three great wides in CI, Percy, and Lou Murphy. Give Percy's carries to James, keep Cooper off the field (I'm now convinced he is not ready to be a featured player. He may also still be hurt.), and use Nelson and James as the 4th and 5th wides. CI is too big and too strong to be covered. Remember, he could have had a TD on the goal to go situation when UF settled for a field goal.
  • I'm starting to convince myself that UF's defensive players are not bad or playing poorly. Rather, they are not physical enough. They are so worried about making a mistake, they don't go full out. This could be by design so mistakes are limited. But it also comes out when UF has a chance to seal a guy up behind the line, but they let him scamper back to the scrimmage. (This happened on the last drive.) We were spoiled in that last year we saw a defense defined by Reggie Nelson killing people and Everitt and Moss destroying everyone else. Now, we have freshman and sophomores who don't know the value of 2nd and 10 versus 2nd and 7. That will change with time. It's almost like we have to look at this like a baseball organization and hope that our young guys become great big leaguers. That's why Urban said the team will be fine after the game. He knows these guys are getting it. (Kind of like the Cleveland Indians or Arizona Diamondbacks. Minus the Indians' depressing history and the Diamondbacks allowing more runs than they have scored.)
  • Florida, Georgia, South Carolina are all 2-1 and Kentucky is 1-0. This divisional race got very interesting. LSU may not be a `must win.' But it will be a `must perform well.'
  • Tebow got to taste his first loss. I'm upset about tonight, but imagine how this sits with Tebow. That is one of the few positives out of this. And I trust Meyer to keep these guys focused.
  • Despite the defense making Brandon Cox seem like Joe Montana and the lack of imagination in the play calling, I also share some blame in this loss. I did the points spread poll without including the "lose outright" option and I got a hair cut today, which you never do during a win streak (you can get a cut, but not on a gameday)...I had Mich Light, but my timing was off and I also had problems with the computer...I've been looking ahead to the LSU game, and I wasn't focused...I could have gone to the lucky clothes in the second half, but I have them reserved for LSU and was afraid to use them...I'm also thinking about the Yankees in the playoffs. (By the way, I'm very serious about this. My level of superstition is quite high. You're talking to someone who asks Saints and the Virgin Mary to protect the Gators and Yankees. I screwed up today too.)