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Breakfast With Alligator Army: September 30th

-- Listen folks, it's time to pack it in. Seriously. The St. Pete Times shows we're not good at all. In fact we're really bad. I don't know why we even finish out the season. I mean Auburn showed that our defense allows 20 points too much and the offense can't score at all. We should definitely just forget about the rest of the season and wait for basketball to start again. Maybe CI should go back to basketball.

--Or, we can realize that UF's weaknesses were exposed and correct them. Our young QB is too dependent on himself and an injury prone WR, and our coaches let him do it. Our linebackers can't play in coverage and our d-lineman have no push in the backfield. And all of them get fooled on playaction. But, let's be realistic. How long did you think Urban would go undefeated at home? Did you think that Tebow would win every game on his own? And I know I expected the last field goal to be blocked, so I assume others thought the same thing. Look, it's time to have a fresh look at the season. We were all crazy for thinking a repeat title was possible. Let's win the division and get to Atlanta. And we may even get that far with two losses, so don't think the LSU game can end the season. Unless you believe Kentucky can win the East.

-- And remember to put it in perspective. At least we didn't lose at home by 20. Also to anyone who stopped by during our live blog, a big thank you. Sorry I forgot to mention that. I was a little upset last night.