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Protecting Timothy

In the grand history of Florida football, fans may remember Tim Tebow's 300 yards with only four incompletions in 17 attempts and three TDs versus Western Kentucky. But it should be a wake up call to all of us that Young Timothy is now Public Enemy No. 1 to college football. It started with the play seen here against Ohio State.

As you see #55 Curtis Perry takes some liberties after tackling Tebow and is not flagged. During the Western Kentucky game, there were two instances of Tebow getting hit out of bounds. The first time was during UF's fourth TD drive. Tebow was shoved after he had cleared the side line by about two yards. The second time in the second half, he ran out of bounds, was hit by a Western Kentucky lineman to stood up to take Tebow out, and then fell backwards into another opponent. In both instances, the players celebrated as if they had just popped Superman once in the face and got away with it.

Maybe because my background is in baseball and hockey, two sports where retaliation is part of "The Code", I expected both Western Kentucky players to have knee ligaments ripped in half by Florida players who accidentally fell into them. It's hard to examine what happens on the field, but my concern is that the players are not protecting Tebow enough after the play. Tebow is built like a tank, but the kid still needs someone on his flank. If he keeps getting hit like this, he won't last three years. And if OSU and mighty Western Kentucky can take cheap shots at Tebow, imagine what Tennessee and LSU will do.