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The Opponent's Notebook: September 5, 2007

A look at the Troy Trojans...

Florida Today asks the question that is now on every one's (well, at least my) mind; Is Troy going to be Appalachian State?
Troy is a decent team. They lost last week to the Fighting Darren McFaddens 46-26 last week. And last season they played FSU and Georgia Tech tough. Of course, Troy will try to use their history of playing top teams close, but I think LB Marcus Richardson is giving his team too much credit.

"It's a beautiful setup," the fellow former Pensacola prep star said of this week's game in Gainesville. "I believe if we had beat Arkansas it would have made Florida a little bit more concentrated. But us losing to Arkansas, they probably are a little bit more lackadaisical. They probably are sitting back saying, 'Ah, man, they lost to Arkansas. We should be all right.' I think they are kind of underestimating us."

If the Gators lose to these guys, I'm having a panic attack. And there will be no Alligator Army Tailgate next week in Gainesvegas. Thankfully, Urban is looking out for my health.

"I think our coaches do a great job," Meyer said Monday. "I just sat in on the defensive meetings and there is no chance of saying 'OK, this team is not as good as us.' We are just trying to get up and play as hard as we can. . . . I think whenever a college football fan, player or coach sees what happened with Appalachian State it initially shocks you."


Troy is having some trouble on special teams. While punt coverage was good, the punting overall was uneven, and they allowed a 90 TD return versus the Razorbacks.
In that same article, it is reported that QB Omar Haugabook is a little banged up. However he is well enough to play Saturday.


Florida's prep for Troy will involve looking at a 4-3 front and a spread attack that is more pass than run. Of course, this happens as CB Markus Manson is wheeled off the practice field with a sprained ankle. Markihe Anderson, who missed the Western Kentucky game, may see time Saturday as he recovers from a bum knee. Meanwhile, I'm looking to see if Ryan Smith might have a year of eligibility left.