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Our Guilty Pleasure: Florida Women's Volleyball

There are a few things that we have not yet mentioned here on Alligator Army.

1. My undying hatred of Florida State and all things garnet and gold. (Gold and black is ok because that's New Orleans and I have a soft spot for the city.)

2. I have two guilty pleasures at UF; women's volleyball and women's tennis.

Tonight, two of these three combine as the Gator volleyball takes on FSU in the O'Dome.

Gator volleyball is one of the great teams on campus, but doesn't get much pub outside the confines of the University City. Coach Mary Wise has not only built the UF program, but could be credited with Florida high school volleyball's popularity too.

The good team, great coach, and very attractive players made my time covering the team for the Independent Florida Alligator quite enjoyable. While the lovely Kari Klinkenborg (seen here; so lovely she has a facebook group devoted to her) had her career end too soon, several of the players I covered are still around and have led UF to a 5-0 record this season.

Senior setter Angie McGinnis is still one of the best in the nation. The 2006 SEC player of the year and first team All-American is averaging almost 13 assists a game. That ends up being 179 assists total because the Gators have played one game over the minimum (volleyball is best 3 of 5).

McGinnis is usually setting for the P.K. Yonge product Marcie Hampton. She is charged with following the tradition established by Under Armour model Jane Collymore and Puerto Rican star Aury Cruz. And Hampton hasn't disappointed. She was second team all-SEC last season. While she leads in points, she is second in digs, a rarity for a hitter of her stature.

So when FSU pull that garbage, "Our women are hotter!" Just remember that they are wrong. Our volleyball players are hotter too. And we're still smarter than them.