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Riley Cooper Does Not Have Soft Hands

After four catches for 122 yards and two touchdowns, WR Riley Cooper is getting some much deserved attention. The kid from Clearwater Central Catholic played mainly special teams last season, except for catching four balls in the Western Carolina game.

Part of Cooper's appeal is that he is a great athlete. A baseball draft pick, he was originally recruited as a DB, before become a wide receiver. And he is fast. Very fast. 4.4 in the 40 fast. But a white guy wearing 86 brings to mind Don Beebe and Ed McCaffrey, not a burner.

In today's Gainesville Sun, they help Cooper to break through the "possession receiver" stereotype which seems to follow him.

Riley Cooper understands the roots of the perception.
He's a big, physical guy with soft hands and a tough work ethic.

But, friends, the Gainesville Sun is so wrong. Let's revisit March of 2006.
Riley Cooper, a Florida football recruit and potential first-round baseball draft pick, recently suffered a season-ending injury and was charged with criminal mischief when, police say, he put his fist through a car window.
The Clearwater Central Catholic two-sport star suffered a deep cut on his right (throwing) arm, according to his father, but no damage to his hand.

Read that again, HE PUT HIS FIST THROUGH A CAR WINDOW! Hold on, now we'll add bold. HE PUT HIS FIST THROUGH A CAR WINDOW! And this wasn't a cheap car, this was a BMW (A Pinellas County kid in a import? I'm shocked!). Plus, he had no damage to his hand. How is that possible? I have a writer's callus on my right hand that hurts like a mother, and this guy is busting windows. That is a hand of stone.