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Thanks Troy Messenger For Making Me Hate Troy

Perhaps because it was Appalachian State's win, or because Troy played LSU tough the year after they won the title, but the Troy Messenger is under the impression that the Gators are ripe for a monumental loss Saturday. Not only are they making me write run-on lead sentences, but they keep propping up the idea that because UF's secondary is weak, Troy has a shot to win. (Seriously, it's led every story they have written this week. Even women's soccer stories. Ok, maybe not.)

Well, of course they have a shot to win. My high school has a shot to win. But when Haugabook has a bum hand, and you give up seven yards a rush, a young secondary won't matter. I don't care how you lost to FSU by only seven points. FSU sucked last season.

I hate it when my homer streak comes out, but let's be realistic. 17 points? Two TDs and a figgie? I'd live with that. Because Timmy and His Merry Men are going to roll up 500 yards of offense. I predict 44-17. And then the circus arrives next week.

(Note: What's the difference between a finely tuned athlete with pounds of God-given talent and someone like me? I've been thinking about Tennessee since September 1st.) [Update 3:42 PM: College Football Live ESPN brought out the big guns. Shelly Freaking Smith is in Gainesville in case Troy upsets UF. I'm getting a little annoyed.]